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Types of Therapy

It is the target of the diabetes therapy to compensate completely for the primary malfunction of the carbohydrate metabolism. This goal can only be achieved if the patient is compliant.
In former times the patient had to adapt to the therapy, today it is quite the opposite. The therapy is customized to the needs of an individual and his lifestyle.
It is important that especially type 2 diabetics change their lifestyle in terms of training activity and diet to achieve weight loss. In some cases this is enough for normalizing blood sugar levels. If these measures do not lead to success oral antidiabetic drugs are the next choice. Mostly in the beginning just one single substance is used.
If this is not sufficient the physician will prescribe a combination of different substances or even insulin to bring blood sugar down to the target range.
Today it is a goal to deliver insulin similar to the physiological production.
These are the different types of therapy:

  • Prandial Insulin Therapy
  • Conventional Insulin Therapy
  • Intensified Therapy (ICT)
  • Insulin pump therapy (CSII)

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